Legend management system for gas station. Its main function is to monitor and manage fuel dispenser working status in the gas station. The management system's hardware is made up of management PC and communication box. The communication box is a bridge which connects the PC and the fuel dispenser. The communication box connected the PC by a RS232 cable. One end of the RS232 cable connects to the communication box's RS232 port, the another end connects to the PC's serial port. It has12 navigate socket with 4 pin, it can connect 12 fuel dispensers. If the dispenser's number is more than 12,then we should use 2 communication boxes, and should be level connected. Use our level connect cable to connect each “level connect” port in the communication box. By this way, the maximum number of nozzles connected is 48(48 single dispensers, 24 double dispensers).

The PC which installs the management system software works under windows XP operation system, and it has two kinds of display interface: graphics, sheet. When in graphics interface, it can make individual set to nozzle menu. The system has two kinds of operation mode: monitor, control. It can control the fueling indoors, and have many kinds of gathering method like cash, oil ticket, keep account, and have the function of voice report and receipt print after each fueling. The system has abundant report: shift report for cashier, shift report for attendant, shift report for keep account, shift report for commodity, monthly report for keep account, monthly report for oil tank, monthly report for gas station and so on.

It is very simple to operate, and easy to use, it can absolutely reflect all the sales status of the gas station, it can make the gas station's management more normative, improve the work efficiency and increase the benefit, it is a efficient guarantee for gas station modern management.


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