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Legend Petroleum Equipment

LEGEND Petroleum Equipments is the leading Petrol Station Contractors in East Africa. We have grown from a small startup in 2005 to a market leader in its field of operation. We have served clients all over Kenya and also the greater East african
region (Uganda Tanzania and South Sudan).

We have continually developed cutting edge products that have set us apart from our competition. Our engineers are continually researching and contacting the market to find out what the market needs and also tailor products that will best
meet the requirements of our clients.

We have established a reputation for professional and commitment to work. Our firm has attained international standards in all its undertakings, being a member of Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). Our firm has been registered and certified by Kenya Weight and Measures Department in the following categories:
• Approval of repairs workshop (i.e.) consisting of 3 No type 4 licence Nos. 005579, 005609, 005578.
• Calibration of bulk meters and measures and types 6 licences for Electronic dispensing pumps

We have adopted the latest technology to provide a service and experience that is currently unmatched in the market.
Legend Petroleum Equipment has been contracted by major oil companies in East Africa e.g. FUELEX (K) LTD, NATIONAL OIL CO-OPERATION, MGS INTERNATIONAL (K) LIMITED, HASHI ENERGY (K) LTD, PETRO OIL KENYA LTD and others. We have also successfully completed many projects while others are ongoing. This enables us to deliver our services more efficiently and more often within the set time bracket.


From The National Construction Authority

  1. Building Works Category NCA 4
  2. Road Works Category NCA 4
  3. Water Works Services NCA 4

From The Kenya Master Builders

  1. Membership Certificate
  2. Certificate of Compliance

From Kenya Weights and Measures

  1. Approval of Repairs Workshop type 4 and Type 6 for Mechanical and Electronic Dispensing Pumps
  2. License for Calibration of Bulk meters and Measures.
  3. PEPA of Petroleum Equipments of East Africa


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LEGEND EAST AFRICA provides solutions in the Petroleum, Building and Construction Indutry and sourcing of modern construction Equipment.

LEGEND PETROLEUM EQUIPMENTS is the leading Petrol Station
Contractors in East Africa. We haveserved clients all over Kenya and also the greater East african region.
LEGEND MOTORS, is an equipment leasing company and has over the years remained a locally owned construction equipment and truck rental company