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Our customers are very important to us and we can never emphasize the value we place on your feedback. Because we understand you to be at the center of our business, we would like you to contact us and tell us how you feel about us and also refer others to our site.

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KCB House
Ngara Road
P.O. Box 22369 -00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
Cell. +254 722 754 449


Biashara Street
P.O. Box 13075- 20100
Nakuru, Kenya
Cell. +254 722 574 999


TSS House
Kenyatta Avenue
P.O. Box 43528-80100
Mombasa, Kenya
Cell. +254 733 808 531


We believe that the only organization that will succeed in this era is one that takes care of the people who invest heavily in it, those who get inconvenienced by our presence, those who allow us to set up facilities and work in their areas.

We have a company policy that ensures that in our field of operations casual labor is locally sourced, thereby providing employment opportunities.

Local material is sourced from within project locations to ensure project ownership by the locals, and to also provide market for their raw materials.

We have also sponsored and paid school fees for needy students and hosted medical camps for the community in such areas We will continue to do more to ensure the society benefits from our presence.


legend petroleum

legend EA

legend motors

LEGEND EAST AFRICA provides solutions in the Petroleum, Building and Construction Indutry and sourcing of modern construction Equipment.

LEGEND PETROLEUM EQUIPMENTS is the leading Petrol Station
Contractors in East Africa. We haveserved clients all over Kenya and also the greater East african region.
LEGEND MOTORS, is an equipment leasing company and has over the years remained a locally owned construction equipment and truck rental company